What we do at Musical Theatre Network stems from our belief in what musical theatre can be – a vibrant, innovative artform, connecting with a huge range of people. And because of that belief, we work to put in place the structures and the networks that will help musical theatre to grow and the individuals and the organisations within it to find the ways through which they can create new work.

By taking a strategic overview of the sector we are able to identify the gaps and the stumbling blocks and then put in place the means by which these can be addressed. We work nationally to build connections and use our networks to enhance what our members can do. We do this in partnership with the individuals, venues and organisations who share our passion and supported by the various funders who also see the possibilities of what we are doing.  And we use these partnerships, this support and our own experience then to advocate on behalf of our members and for the future of musical theatre.

Our current programmes of work are talked about in more detail via the drop down menu above – but because the landscape continues to change and evolve we need to ensure that what we provide does the same. So this list is by no means final, just what we have in place at the moment.


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"Tonight's event was the most practical talk I've ever been to in the field of new musical production"
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